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ACE your day everyday. I first learned about Aces playing cards the Ace was the highest card in the deck. Later on in life I learned that an Ace in tennis was a point for the server. The ball whizzes by the opponent and they cannot return it. When Dr. Walker talked about it he did not use the ACE acronym. I used it as a memory device. Now, you say what does this ACE mean?




Ace your day everyday. Dr. Walker learned from his teacher Dr. Bitzer and at that time it was mostly used for physical health. This is what the body does normally. We assimilate air, water and food, it circulates through our body and we put it to use. We then eliminate anything unneeded from our body.

Over the years that I have used this in treatment and counseling I have forund that it works with finances, relationships, thoughts and things. You can use this formula on almost anything in your life. So ACE your day everyday.


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