Reflections on CREATIVITY

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Our creative ability as Spiritual Beings is unlimited. The Truth is that we are pure energy-a ball of fire and flames if we could see within the truth of ourselves. One thing I recall clearly from my years of Practitioner Training is that most important principle of “mental equivalents”. What I know is that yes, “thoughts are things…” and yes, as Holmes says, we can “change our thinking….and change our life”….and the most important part of all of it is that we must BELIEVE in what we are thinking. Holmes called it the “fire in our belly”. I call it passion and our soul’s truth. It is critical that we build our spiritual muscle. Just like when we go to the gym to do a workout for our physical bodies, when we attend our CSLIE Sunday Services, classes, Visioning, Meditation and other spiritual practices, we build our spiritual muscle and ability. We become a stronger place for Spirt to work in, through and as. This being said, when we do our prayer work and spiritual mind treatment, we must know that we know that we know. The scientific part of Science of Mind is amazing to me. Our life and experience is ultimately a picture or reflection of our thoughts. Holmes used to say, “if I want to know what you think of yourself, I will just see how you live”….this is fascinating to me. The power we need lies within us. We can build our spiritual practice by creating and reciting affirmations for example until our belief system is so strong that it is at 100% where true change and manifestations can and will occur. When people ask me to pray, I don’t pray FOR them, I pray WITH THEM. I was trained to see you as you were created: perfect, whole and complete. There is nothing missing nor lacking within you ever. I know there is that part of you that is not up for grabs, the Spiritual Truth of you. That place within the center of the center of you that has never been, nor could ever be hurt, harmed or endangered in any way. This is a muscle you can work on yourself to grow to be a bigger circle-and-more powerful Spiritual source of strength when you say your own treatments and do your own meditation and spiritual practices. If I was praying FOR you, then already we are not on the same level of spiritual perfection. That is why I am always willing to pray WITH you for and about everything and anything important to you on your journey. We are creative beings. We are spiritual beings. My prayers never cease for this CSLIE Spiritual Community. When all of us rise to join Rev. George and Rev. Irma as they do spiritual treatments, all of us join in consciousness and in Truth to see the absolute perfection that this congregation is right now. We see and hold and know your spiritual perfection and this is a beautiful and amazing gift to each of us Practitioners who you bless by permitting us to be part of your journey. With love and great gratitude I submit these words to be posted. Let us all rise in consciousness by being a bigger place for Spirit. God. Truth.


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